One direction preferences you write a song about him leaving

The fight was stupid but still Niall kicked you out and said that you guys were over. I hope you enjoyed.

After doing your hair and finding your perfect outfit, the only thing left to do was your nails. He did as you asked and then he helped you. You hated snow, always. Tears poured from your eyes as you had no idea what to do. Louis- You and Louis were both known to be the jokesters. Suddenly you were jerked in a dark alleyway and pressed against a cold, brick wall.

He slowly stood up and approached the hospital bed. You cut a long slit on your wrist watching the blood gush out. He looked at your leg, now soaked in blood. You could feel his alcoholic breath on your face and opened your eyes and saw his face was mere centimeters away from you.

It was great, you loved Zayn, and he said he loved you too, but yesterday he had broken your heart and you had no idea what you did wrong.

Niall wrote his princess a song, this was the end results. Liam- You were an actress. Liam and Zayn came to get Niall, but they found this moment cute, so they captured it. Smiling, he wrapped a muscular arm around your narrow shoulders, pulling you closer into him.

You both slept with your backs towards each other, not looking at each other, not cuddling with each other, barely even touching. Although you liked writing the deep stuff, sometimes you were more excited to see boys come to your preformances.

You grabbed a condom from the night stand without breaking the kiss, but Niall smacked your hand away, making the condom fall to the floor.

One Direction Preferences

You and a couple of your band mates in your girl band were watching with wide eyes at the screen. Falling to your knees, you swiftly gathered up all the slippery copies, stacking them into a neat pile.

You were backstage, while Zayn was on stage. Leave your cute glances down the carpet to have them hint at your fans. Mar 12,  · Currently, you were watching Liam Payne’s twit-cam, and he’d finally seen one of your band mate, Catherine’s – tweet to him.

Preference #125 You get hurt while he’s away on tour: (PART ONE)

“I guess my celebrity crush would be, Y/N – she’s a contestant on the X-Factor, and her voice is just flawless.”.

It's been a while since Zayn Malik left One Direction, but a wound like that doesn't heal overnight, so obviously, fans still have luckily, the ex boy band member is more than.

You convinced Louis and Zayn to take him out for a bit and distract him while you stayed home and invited Niall over. While they were out, you and Niall left your shoes at the door and ate a nice dinner that you had prepared and you both went upstairs, leaving behind the evidence.

Mar 14,  · You can tell he was starting to get annoyed with you, so you took a breath and decided to tell him. “Okay Liam, I don’t want you to freak out but its a cast I was going down stairs to the kitchen one time and I kinda fell down a few stairs and I broke my wrist.”.

You, well it was a surprise for you. -at the restaurant- Liam, he was on the stage at the restaurant, singing, for you. |Liam spoke into the microphone, “I’ll be singing a song tonight, for my beautiful girlfriend, Y/N Parker.”| He started singing his song. 1D PREF #; He gets into a fight with one of the boys Liam: "Oh just grow up Louis!

You're meant to be the oldest - stop acting like you're five years old!" Liam shouts.

One direction preferences you write a song about him leaving
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