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Operant conditioning is highly effective in preparing individuals to respond with desired actions in highly stressful circumstances. During this period of vulnerability a counterattack by fresh troops can have an effect completely out of proportion to the number of troops attacking. Witnesses may find themselves unable to act.

Grossman also takes from Dr. Physiological Responses to Extreme High Stress There is a wide range of possible responses and experiences during extreme high stress events. This is a universal human phobia. Miller and Keith A. It has become increasingly clear that there are two key, core stressors causing the psychological toll associated with combat.

Grossman holds the belief that no other species kills its own with the frequency of humanity because humans have spent centuries developing better methods to train killers and better killing implements.

During military and police training an individual should not be allowed to lose.

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But if combatants begin to realize that insane combatants are being evacuated, the number of psychiatric casualties will increase dramatically.

This is repeated until the heart rate begins to decrease. And firing would increase greatly if a nearby leader demanded that the soldier fire.

Psychological Effects of War Essay

There are also memory distortions. Marshall concluded that we must reject the superstition that under danger men can be expected to have more than their normal powers, and that they will outdo their best efforts simply because their lives are in danger.

Grossman points out that PTSD rates may be higher than previous wars because we are catching more sufferers, and that we are doing a better job of treatment. The cumulative impact of these effects on hundreds of thousands of veterans is pervasive, with significant potential to have a profound effect on society at large.

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This can be used during debriefs to de-link memories and emotions, and during traumatic incidents to lessen the impact of the fight or flight response and decrease heart rate.

Exercise can be used to burn off stress hormones. These are the degree of malevolent, human intent behind the threat; the perceived level of threat, ranging from risk of injury to the potential for death; the time available to response; the level of confidence in personal skills and training; the level of experience in dealing with the specific threat; and the degree of physical fatigue that is combined with the anxiety.

Jimmy Meeks, Carl Chinn, and Lt. This is followed by a sense of remorse and possible vomiting. Many democracies owe their very existence to successful combat. Under stress, all three break down.

He uses the backfire of a car being mistaken for a gunshot as an example. One group was allowed seven hours of sleep and managed 98 percent peak efficiency when firing.

This can lead to questions of morality and mental health "I just killed and I am happy about it. Battle tactics of the American civil war.

Physically one must be free from stressors like dehydration, hunger, and especially lack of sleep to be able to function effectively.

Summary for Peace Workers of On Combat: The Psychology and Physiology of Deadly Conflict in War and Peace By Dave Grossman and Loren W. Christensen This Book Summary was written by Sam McKinney, School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution (S-CAR), George Mason University, in December This piece was prepared as part of the S-CAR / Beyond Intractability Collaborative.

Psychological Effects of Returning Home Essay examples Most civilians do not realize the amount of stress troops face when returning home.

Despite their gratitude for being back, it is difficult to cope with the events they faced. More Essay Examples on War Rubric. Bob Herbert relates the story of Jeffrey Lucey about the psychological effects of war on soldiers.

Jeffrey was recruited to join the marines when he was Psychological Effects of Combat. Print Reference this.

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Psychological Effects of War Essay. Psychological Effects of War. The morality of wars have often been a subject of debate - Psychological Effects of War Essay introduction. There is no doubt that wars cause economic and ecological problems, aside from the lives that are destroyed.

Psychological Effects of War

"Psychological Effects of Combat"The Trauma of Close-Range, Interpersonal AggressionDuring World War II, the carnage and destruction caused by months of continuous German bombing in England and years of Allied bombing in Germany was systematically infl.

Psychological effects of combat essay
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